Tom Monaghan is the one behind Domino's Pizza. He started the business in 1960, first outlet in Ypsilanti, Michigan, US. Dominick’s is the name of the first outlet which was founded by Tom Monaghan along with his brother James Monaghan.


    When Tom became the sole owner of this business, he changed its name to Domino’s Pizza, Inc


    Domino’s Pizza International opened its 1,000th store


    Domino's Pizza Inc., the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, began trading common stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in July 2004, under the new ticker symbol DPZ

    JAN 2011

    The first Original Domino's Pizza Branch here in the Philippines opened in Marvin Plaza, Pasong Tamo, Makati City


    Domino’s Pizza operates over 10,000 stores worldwide in more than 70 markets.

                        The World Leader in Pizza Delivery: Domino's delivers more than 1 millions pizzas a day USA alone.
                        Domino's drivers cover 10 million miles each week in the USA alone. That's 41 trips to the moon.
    Ever wonder what the three dots stand for in the Domino’s Pizza logo? They represent the first three Domino’s stores. At the time,
    the plan was to add a dot for every new store. Obviously, that plan ran out of steam (or, more appropriately, space).
                        Sell more Pizza, Have more FUN! is the motto of Domino’s Pizza.


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