Our Guarantees

We’re the Pizza Delivery Experts

  • Domino's Pizza operates over 10,000 stores worldwide in more than 74 markets
  • We deliver to more than 1 million satisfied customers daily, over 400 million pizzas annually in the U.S. alone
  • For the past 50 years, our 30 minutes delivery promise has become the industry benchmark

Your happiness is our top priority

Your pizza is guaranteed to be hot and fresh when it arrives at your doorstep, or we will replace your order!

Conditions apply:

  • Above conditions apply to wrong orders/ insufficient toppings or no extra toppings as ordered. Domino's Pizza will replace the order.
  • Domino's Pizza reserves the right to withdraw the service guarantee without prior notice.
  • This will not apply under abnormal or bad weather conditions such as but not limited to heavy rain, flooding, typhoons, high tide etc.



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